MGM Grand Las Vegas Environmental Sustainability

As one of the largest hotels in the United States, MGM Grand Las Vegas is an icon on The Las Vegas Strip and an ambassador for MGM Resorts. MGM Grand Las Vegas is comprised of over 9 million square feet and nearly 5,000 hotel guest rooms and suites. Many of the most iconic shows and entertainment experiences, including David Copperfield, are hosted at MGM Grand Las Vegas. The scale and resources required to operate MGM Grand Las Vegas are immense and therefore robust environmental management systems and programs help to improve efficiencies and reduce negative environmental impact are in place.

MGM Grand Las Vegas is Committed to Environmental Stewardship as an Eco-Friendly Hotel

At MGM Grand Las Vegas, we execute on our commitment to environmental stewardship through crafting environmental programs, achieving and maintaining sustainable hotel certifications, and through a robust program for sustainable events.

Environmental Programs at MGM Grand Las Vegas

We have devised property-specific programs and benefitted from companywide environmental initiatives related to Climate Change, Energy, Water, and Materials & Waste. Also, MGM Grand Las Vegas is a leader in Health & Well-Being given its robust Stay Well® program. Improving air quality is a core focus of the Stay Well® program.

Climate Leadership at MGM Resorts International

At MGM Resorts, we recognize that climate change poses a significant threat to our company. Also, as an operator of resorts in the desert destination of Las Vegas, we take targeted action to address climate risks facing our portfolio. One focus is to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and have taken bold actions to decarbonize our operations across our portfolio, including MGM Grand Las Vegas. For example, our Las Vegas Strip resorts source some of their electricity from the MGM Resorts Mega Solar Array - a 100MW Mega Solar Array just north of The Las Vegas Strip. This array can produce 90% of the daytime power needed for the entire Las Vegas MGM Resorts’ portfolio. Climate change adaptation is a universal issue so MGM Grand Las Vegas adapts through MGM Resorts’ companywide climate action.

Energy Conservation Programs

Since MGM Grand Las Vegas requires significant levels of energy, we have devised an energy management program that regulates financial and environmental costs. We utilize energy-efficient lighting, heating and cooling systems throughout the MGM Grand Las Vegas complex to enable saving energy. While MGM Grand Las Vegas predates the first LEED certified building, we take bold action to retrofit our existing resorts to ensure they also perform efficiently. MGM Grand Las Vegas is lit by LED lighting and promotes our eco friendly hotels by changed over 1.5 million lights to energy efficient LEDs across all of our MGM Resorts venues. This is one of many examples we have taken to improve the energy efficiency of MGM Grand Las Vegas and other resorts in our portfolio.

Water Conservation at MGM Grand Las Vegas

Resorts require a lot of water. And for a resort the size of MGM Grand Las Vegas, it is important to have a water conservation program that ensures water is used efficiently and responsibly. For years, MGM Grand Las Vegas has delivered water efficiency programs to reduce its overall water consumption. In building design, we install or retrofit water-efficient fixtures including faucets, showerheads and toilets, where possible. We also use efficient appliances, including water-efficient laundry machines and dishwashers. Water conservation efforts at MGM Resorts is also supported by guests with our towel and linen reuse program. This combination of capital investment in water efficiency projects and encouragement of better behavior has helped MGM Grand Las Vegas lower its water consumption.

Managing Materials & Waste at MGM Grand Las Vegas

The scale of MGM Grand Las Vegas requires large volumes of materials for both Design & Development and operations. Also, materials result in waste, and with the amount of materials used at MGM Grand Las Vegas, the waste is high. Because material use results in waste and MGM Grand Las Vegas uses a large volume of material, we have a robust material diversion program to help reduce the amount of waste from MGM Grand Las Vegas that goes to landfills. This includes common materials such as glass, metal, plastics, and nontraditional items such as hangers, towels, and oyster shells. We also recognize that we need to avoid waste alongside diverting it. Therefore, we are exploring innovative technologies to help reduce the amount of waste we generate at MGM Grand Las Vegas. Waste management at MGM Resorts is a high priority in staying at an eco-friendly hotel.

Health & Well Being at MGM Grand Las Vegas

MGM Grand Las Vegas is not only prized for its size and iconic status. The property is also recognized for having one of the largest selections of Stay Well® hotel and meeting rooms. Stay Well® rooms combine Delos's latest wellness technologies and practices, the Cleveland Clinic, and Dr. Deepak Chopra. Stay Well® Guest and Meeting Room features include:

  • Air purification
  • Aromatherapy
  • Cleaning Protocol
  • Energizing Lighting
  • Specialized Lighting
  • Stay Well® Shower Infuser
  • Stay Well® Mattress

Sustainable Hotel Certifications

One of our decades-long practices is working toward achieving sustainable hotel certifications and green building certifications at MGM Resorts. We leverage these certification schemes to guide continuous improvements of the environmental aspects of our resorts and entertainment venues. Since 2009, MGM Resorts has earned recognition from third-party agencies, including Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Green Key Eco-Rating and Green Globes. As of 2020, MGM Grand Las Vegas has four Green Globes for Existing Buildings, four Green Keys, and five Green Keys for Meetings. At MGM Grand Las Vegas, we are committed to maintaining our awards from third-party agencies who rate our building performance and operations for environmental aspects.

Sustainable Events at MGM Grand Las Vegas

At MGM Resorts, we have designed a portfolio of unique venues and offer a comprehensive set of ideas to help clients enhance the social and environmental benefits associated with their events. By hosting an event at MGM Grand Las Vegas or any other MGM Resorts venue, the environmental impacts of the meeting will already be reduced. Examples of practices at MGM Grand Las Vegas and other ideas can be found in the MGM Resorts Sustainable Events Ideas deck.


MGM Grand Las Vegas’ accolades include:

  • One of the largest selections of Stay Well® hotel and meeting rooms in the world
  • Four Green Keys
  • Five Green Key Meetings
  • Four Green Globes for Existing Buildings 

More Eco-Friendly Initiatives at MGM Resorts International

MGM Resorts has developed a best-in-class environmental sustainability program to reduce the impact of our business activities on the planet. Here is a snapshot of some of our noteworthy companywide policies, programs, and initiatives:

  • Targets for greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, water consumption, and landfill diversion. Learn More
  • Significant investments in renewable energy, including a 110MW Mega Solar Array. Learn More
  • Innovative water recycling inside MGM Resorts destinations in Las Vegas. Learn More
  • A behind-the-scenes sorting and recycling operation to maximize landfill diversion. Learn More
  • A commitment to building all new developments to LEED Gold or similar standards. Learn More
  • Robust sustainability-related policies. Learn More