Grand Garden Arena Frequently Asked Questions

Accessible/disabled seating is available in multiple locations in the arena, with comparable prices and viewing angles. Accessible seating is available for purchase by visiting, or at Or by calling 888.929.7849. When ordering accessible tickets, it is important to indicate that you require accessible seating so we can properly seat you. If you are holding non-accessible seating and require accessible seating sections, please contact us to make arrangements for accessible seating as far in advance of the event as possible. If you are holding seating in an accessible section and do not require the features of this type of seating, please contact the arena Box Office to exchange your seating into a non-accessible section based on availability.

Available upon request, please reach out as soon as possible ahead of your scheduled event to arrange. A deposit may be requested.

Patrons requesting interpreting services while at Grand Gardena Arena events should contact our Box Office as soon as possible prior to an event to ensure that the arena will be in a position to provide interpreting services. The Box Office can be contacted at

While animals and pets are not allowed to enter Grand Gaden Arena, service animals for guests with disabilities are welcome in all areas of the arena to which the public is invited. Service animals must be maintained on a leash at all times unless performing a necessary task for their disabled handlers. Guests with disabilities are responsible for cleaning up after their service animals and for any damage caused by the service animals.

Grand Garden Arena, in partnership with KultureCity, seeks to include all persons living with sensory issues such as Autism, PTSD, Parkinson’s, OCD, ADHD, etc. As such, Grand Garden Arena is committed to meeting those specific needs to the best of their ability by offering Sensory Kits for guests who may need them. Each Sensory Kit contains: noise-canceling headphones, fidget tools, identification tags that allow employees to recognize that the individual has a sensory issue and feeling thermometer cards. Grand Garden Arena Sensory Kits are available for check-out at Guest Services, in the Arena Lobby.