Stay Well Rooms & Suites

Stay Well rooms include: aromatherapy, air purification and additional wellness focused amenities.

Stay Well Amenities

Air Purification
To reduce pollen allergens, mold spores and other microbes in the air.
All-natural essential oils to create a calm, mood-enhancing environment.
Cleaning protocol
Non-Toxic cleaning products and UV lighting to reduce bacteria, viruses and other microbes.
Specialized lighting
Including a dawn simulator to gently wake you, energizing light to suppress melatonin and reduce jet lag, and long wave night lighting to minimize sleep disruption.
Stay Well Shower Infuser
Reduces chlorine to keep hair and skin soft and smooth.
Stay Well Mattress
Natural memory foam for optimal support and comfort.

Stay Well Rooms

Stay Well Executive King Suite

675 sq. ft
1 King Bed
Max Guest 4
There’s plenty of room for work and play in our Stay Well Executive King Suite with its comfortable, modern design.

Stay Well Executive Two Queen Suite

675 sq. ft
2 Queen Beds
Max Guest 5
Our Executive Stay Well Suite provides an unprecedented opportunity for a complete wellness hotel experience.

Stay Well Tower Spa Suite

694 sq. ft
1 King Bed
Max Guest 4
The Stay Well Tower Spa Suite is designed for both entertaining and relaxing.

2 Bedroom Stay Well Marquee Suite

1500 sq. ft
2 King Beds
Max Guest 4
Watch the world unfold before you in our two-bedroom Stay Well Marquee Suite.